T3 Mobility Device

The City of Grants Pass feels safe because it is safe, and the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety constantly strives to maintain the safety of those who visit and live in the City of Grants Pass. The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety has been regularly deploying foot patrols in our historic downtown district to augment regular police patrols and also to enhance parking enforcement. In addition, we have been deploying additional foot patrols and bicycle patrols during events which draw large crowds, such as First Friday Art Night, Boatnik, Concerts in the Park, Balloon Fest, Back to the 50's, etc.

Enhancing Officers' Effectiveness

While these extra patrols have been effective in reducing / preventing incidents associated with these events, the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety is continually seeking ways to further enhance their effectiveness. Because of this, we evaluated several different modes of transportation for use in these congested areas. This evaluation included the Segway®, small electric vehicles, a traditional pick-up truck, and others. The goal was to locate a vehicle which is friendly to the environment and economical to operate which will enhance patrols by allowing officers to cover a greater geographical area, with minimal fatigue, while still allowing the normal traffic flow of pedestrians and vehicles. At the conclusion of these evaluations, the Grants Pass department of Public Safety chose to acquire a T3 mobility device. We believe the T3 will be well-suited for this application.

Features of the T3

Designed with input from law enforcement professionals, the T3 is a high-performance vehicle featuring a zero-degree turning radius and an intuitive steering system which is ideal for congested patrol areas. Reaching a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour (although we govern the speed much lower in congested areas), the vehicle's quickness and agility are expected to dramatically improve officer response times in these areas. The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety is optimistic that the T3 will permit officers to patrol more quickly and efficiently with minimal fatigue, allowing for more effective handling of critical situations.

With its 8-inch raised platform, the T3 elevates the officer for superior vantage point. Coupled with no emissions and a quiet electric operating system, the vehicle is safe and environmentally friendly.

Other features of the vehicle include an integrated LED lighting system and a low operational cost of approximately 9 cents per day. Also, the vehicle never requires down-time due to the vehicle's 2 rechargeable, lightweight batteries that can be easily replaced in the field for continual use and an unlimited range.

Purchase Information

The money to purchase 1 T3 was gained through the auction of an old, retired police vehicle. The 2nd T3 was purchased entirely through a federal grant.