How Your City Government Works

Grants Pass is governed by an elected City Council and Mayor. They are unpaid volunteers who hire a City Manager to carry out their decisions and manage the city organization on a daily basis.

The Council's actions are guided by a vision statement, goals and policies which they review and modify periodically.

Proposals for action are brought to the Council by residents, staff and councilors themselves.

The Council usually reviews proposals at workshops, which are open to the public, before they are placed on the agenda of a regular Council meeting.

At the Council meeting, residents and staff may give input or report on agenda items. The Council then discusses and either approves, modifies or rejects the item. The City Manager and staff then carry out the Council's decisions.

City Council Mission Statement
To represent all of the citizens by providing leadership and decisions necessary to meeting community needs and desires.

At a Glance
City Council Meetings
  • Open to the public
  • Conducted on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month beginning at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Municipal Building, 101 Northwest A Street
Council Workshops
  • Open to the public
  • Held when issues are discussed but typically not voted on
  • Conducted every Monday at 11:45 a.m. in the Council Chambers
Meetings, Agendas & Minutes
  • Is elected by Grants Pass residents to a 4-year term
  • Is a volunteer official, receiving no salary
  • Provides political leadership
  • Conducts Council meetings
  • Votes in a tie situation
  • May veto resolutions and ordinances
  • Represents the city at official functions
City Council
  • Is elected at-large by Grants Pass residents for 4-year terms
  • Is a volunteer body, receiving no salary
  • Sets policy
  • Enacts legislation
  • Consists of 8 members, 2 from each of the city's 4 wards
Committee, Council, Staff flowchart
How the City is Governed