Commendations & Compliments

  1. 2013
  2. 2012
  • On January 24th, the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety received a call from a citizen who wanted to pass on his compliments on how well Officers Meinerts and Miner handled the arrest of a subject. Officers Meinerts and Miner responded to a disturbance. The subject was located outside, he made some suicidal statements and then ran away. The subject ended up running into a nearby meeting place with a group of about 15 people. The 15 people were concerned with the subject’s behavior as he took a seat in their group. The officers were able to talk to the subject and take him into custody without getting anyone hurt. This citizen, who was attending the meeting, wanted someone to know how well the two officers handled the situation.
  • A citizen wished to thank Crime Prevention Officer Donaghy for meeting with their citizen group. They commented that she was very professional and also very understanding of everyone's fears and concerns and she was willing to take the time to answer question.
  • The Wolf Creek Rural Fire Department submitted a Resolution of Thanks and Appreciation to the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety for valuable contributions to the agency and the citizens they serve.
  • The Grants Pass Department of Public received a thank you card from a local business thanking the agency for all that they do for the community.
  • Firefighter McIntosh received a thank you letter from a citizen who conducted a ride-along with him. The citizen wrote that he did not realize all the work the firefighters do behind the scenes and all the different skills required to do their work. The experience meant a lot to him and he extended his thanks.
  • A citizen wrote a thank you note to Fire Corporal DeLonge, Firefighters Jones and Vavrock and Student Firefighter Thomason for their help during a call for help.