Business Development

  1. Business Funding

    Business funding opportunities for Grants Pass businesses.

  2. Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E)

    The program focuses on aiding existing local businesses, accomplished with the goals of keeping local firms in business and in the community, increasing their competitiveness, and helping them grow and expand.

  3. Getting a Business License

    The Finance Division of Administrative Services administers the issuance of Business and Occupation Tax Certificate, Taxi Cab / Limo License, Peddler's License, and Transient Room Tax.

  4. Industrial Sites

    Learn about industrial parks located in Grants Pass.

  1. Micro Enterprise Loan Program

    This program allows entrepreneurs to borrow up to $10,000 or as little as $300 to start or run their businesses.

  2. Population & Area Statistics

    See population and area statistics.

  3. Vertical Housing Development Program

    Grants Pass became the 1st community in Oregon to implement a Vertical Housing Development Zone in an attempt to offer incentives for investment in multistory downtown historic buildings.