Bicycling in Grants Pass

Scenic Biking - Courtesy of Nomeca Hartwell - Photo Call 2008Grants Pass and Josephine County have great places to ride your bike. To plan your route, check out the biking maps and route information:

Commuting by bike? Read the commuter's tips provided by the League of American Bicyclists.

For more information, check out the other Bicycle pages listed below.

  1. Suggested Biking Trails

    Check out some of the suggested biking trails in Grants Pass.

  2. High Traffic Areas & Alternate Routes

    Sections of some bike routes experience high traffic volume.

  3. Rules of the Road

    When you ride a bike on the road in Oregon, you have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles. This page provides information on local as well as state laws governing your bicycling responsibilities

  4. Biking Education, Safety & Miscellaneous Links

    Find information on biking and biking safety.

  5. Bicycle Friendly Businesses in Grants Pass

    Find Bicycle-Friendly Businesses in Grants Pass, download a guide, and find links to related programs.