Environmental Practices & Resources

Go to the following pages to find Information on environmental practices and resources available within the City of Grants Pass. 
  1. Burn Windows

    Learn about upcoming burn windows and how to obtain burn permits.

  2. Commercial Waste Audits

    Southern Oregon Sanitation is offering a free Waste Audit program as part of the Josephine County Master Recycler Alliance.

  3. Energy

    Learn more about energy conservation and solar energy systems.

  4. Homes & Building

    Find details about low water use, asbestos, lead paint, and pervious pavement alternative.

  5. Fire-Resistant vs. Highly Flammable Plants

    Learn about different types of fire-resistant plants and highly flammable plants.

  6. Flood Management

    The Rogue River is Grants Pass’ best known scenic and recreational feature, but heavy rains can turn our normally peaceful river into a raging current that can, and will, reclaim nearby low lands as its own.

  7. Recycling

    Learn about the recycling options in Grants Pass.

  8. Recycling Events and Collection Programs

    Find dates and times for recycling events.

  9. Water Quality & Supply

    Gain details on water quality and supply resources such as backflow prevention, erosion control and slope hazards, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, and more.