Environmental Practices & Resources

  1. Burn Windows

    Check for upcoming burn windows and burn permit sale days.

  2. Energy

    Learn more about energy conservation and solar energy systems.

  3. Homes & Building

    Questions about asbestos, lead paint, lowering your water use? Check here.

  4. Fire-Resistant vs. Highly Flammable Plants

    Learn about different types of fire-resistant plants and highly flammable plants.

  5. Flood Management

    Read about past floods, why floods occur, and what you can do to protect your property.

  6. Recycling

    Learn about the recycling options in Grants Pass.

  7. Recycling Events and Collection Programs

    Find out about collection programs and dates and times for recycling events.

  8. Water Quality & Supply

    Read about what is needed to protect our water supply.