Customer Services & Utility Billing

The City of Grants Pass administers water and sanitary sewer services to properties within the city limits and the surrounding area. The city is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers and strives to relay information and service through timely and accurate billings. Billing occurs on a monthly basis.

Water Meters & Valves

City water meters and valves may only be operated by city Public Works. Unauthorized turn-on or turn-off of a water meter or valve may result in a $100 service charge, plus charges for any damage to city equipment.

Monthly Utility Bill

City of Grants Pass utility customers receive a combined bill which includes water, wastewater, transportation and jail services utility charges. The majority of customers are billed in this manner. The average monthly utility bill for customers who have water, wastewater, transportation, and jail services utility charges is as follows:

Charge Type Volume Total Charged
Franchise fee (5% of total water and wastewater charges)
Water base charge ¾" meter $17.31
Water volume charge 6 units $5.46
Wastewater base charge (includes first 2 units of consumption)
Wastewater volume charge  6 units $11.28
Transportation utility
 Jail services utility    $3.52
Total average monthly charges