Adopted Operating & Capital Budget - FY 2005/2006

Budget Document Chapters
The 2005/2006 fiscal year ran from July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006. You can view the budget details by selecting one of the sections below.
Table of Contents - Table of Contents (PDF)

Introduction - Introduction (PDF)

Budget Process - Budget Process (PDF)

Financial Tables & Charts - Financial Tables and Charts (PDF)
  • Revenue and Expenditure Charts for the General Operating and Utility Operating Budgets
  • Summaries of Resources and Expenditures of the Operating Budget
  • Property Tax Analysis
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Policy & Legislation - Policy and Legislation (PDF)
  • Summary, Mayor and City Council
  • General Program Operations
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Public Safety Services - Public Safety Services (PDF)
  • Field Operations
  • Support Services
  • Code Enforcement Services
  • Crisis Support Services
  • Street Lighting
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Parks - Parks (PDF)
  • Park Maintenance Services
  • Aquatics Services
  • Recreation Services
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Development - Development (PDF)
  • Planning Services
  • Building and Safety Services
  • Economic Development Services
  • Downtown Development Services
  • Tourism Promotion Services
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Transportation - Transportation (PDF)
  • Street Utility Program Summary
  • Street and Drainage Maintenance Services
  • Customer Services
  • General Program Operations
  • Transportation Capital Projects
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Storm Water & Open Space Capital Projects - Storm Water and Open Space Capital Projects (PDF)

Water - Water (PDF)
  • Water Treatment Services
  • Water Distribution Services
  • Customer Services
  • Debt Service
  • General Program Operations
  • Water Debt Service Reserve Fund
  • Starview Estates Water System
  • Water Capital Projects
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Wastewater - Wastewater (PDF)
  • Wastewater Collection Services
  • Wastewater Treatment Services
  • Jo-Gro
  • Customer Services
  • Wastewater Debt Service
  • General Program Operations
  • Wastewater Debt Reserve
  • Wastewater Capital Projects
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Solid Waste - Solid Waste (PDF)
  • Solid Waste Field Operations
  • Post-Closure Operations
  • General Program Operations
  • Solid Waste Capital Projects
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Administrative Services - Administrative Services (PDF)
  • Management Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Legal Services Legal Services
  • Program Operations
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Support Services - Support Services (PDF)
  • Community Development Management Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Property Management Services
  • Garage Operations
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Workers' Compensation
  • General Insurance
  • Benefits Administration
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Auxiliary Services - Auxiliary Services (PDF)
  • Transient Room Tax
  • Debt Service / Bancroft Bonds
  • Industrial and Downtown Loan Services
  • Community Development Block Grant
  • Environmental Waste Fees Fund
  • Trust
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Capital Construction / Lands & Buildings - Capital Construction / Lands and Buildings (PDF)

Organizational Chart - Organizational Chart (PDF)

Work Plan - Work Plan (PDF)
  • 2005-2006 Council Goals
  • 2002-2003 Work Plan
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Community Profile - Community Profile (PDF)
  • Profile of the City of Grants Pass
  • Community Profile Detail
  • Map of the City of Grants Pass and the Urban Growth Boundary Area
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Appendix - Appendix (PDF)
  • Sources of Resources and Expenditures by Fund and Fiscal Year
  • Summary of Expenditures by Fund and Activity
  • Overview of Fund Balances
  • History of Property Tax Rates
  • History of Levies and Assessed Values
  • History of General Support Revenues
  • Major Revenue Sources
  • Staff Allocation by Activity
  • Monthly Salary Schedule
  • Representative Annual Salary and Fringe Benefits
  • Future Debt Service Requirements
  • Computation of Legal Debt Margin
  • Ten Largest Taxpayers within City Limits
  • System Development Charge Revenues
  • The Budget Format, Financial Policies
  • Fund Structure and Accounting Methods
  • Revenue Sources
  • Glossary
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