Summary of Review System for Building Permits

House BuildThe City of Grants Pass Parks and Community Development department has established a 3-track system for reviewing building plans to better serve customers and establish expectations for project plan review times. The three track system takes into consideration the individual complexity of every proposed project and staff makes a determination of what time track the plans will be placed into within 48 hours of plan intake at the Community Development counter.

Building Plan Review Intake
Staff will conduct a preliminary completeness review at the counter. A full set of scaled site plans, building plans and any other necessary maps and documents are required. You may download the appropriate submittal checklist and building permit application to ensure complete submittal.

Complete applications will be forwarded to the sorter. The sorter will determine the proper track for the project, notify the applicant and forward to Planning and Building for review.

Track 1: Building Permit Available Within 10 Working Days
Eligible Projects
  • Commercial Remodels with less than 25% square footage changes, as long as the total square footage is less than 400
  • Infill development when all infrastructure is in place
  • Manufactured Homes (Handled as any other single family)
  • Manufactured Homes in authorized parks
  • Residential remodels, garages, carports, sheds, etc
  • Single Family Residential on subdivided lots in subdivisions approved by the city
Submittal Requirements
  • Full plans, scaled site plan, drainage, and all requirements of the site plan submittal checklist. Infill projects must submit information on the status of curb, gutter, sidewalk, street section and drainage adjacent to the infill.
Track 2: Building Permit Available Within 20 Working Days
Eligible Projects
  • Residential or commercial projects, where any of the following environmental constraints exist:
    • 100 year flood plain
    • Steep slopes as defined in the Development Code
    • Riparian areas, (unless specifically defined in the subdivision plat)
    • Wetland areas (unless specifically defined and protected in the subdivision plat)
  • Commercial remodels, less than 25%, or less than 400 square feet, where a change of use is proposed
  • Infill development where infrastructure is required, agreements are required or similar information needs exist
  • Development on a lot in a proposed subdivision that has not been final platted (building permit will be reviewed within 20 days, but may be placed on hold until the final plat is completed)
  • Projects that are not track 1 or track 3
Submittal Requirements
  • Elevation certificate (floodplain)
  • Parking plan (commercial projects)
  • Site plan, floor plan, elevations, full building plans
  • Slope report and engineering, wetlands, riparian setback, similar environmental information based on natural hazard
Track 3: Development Permit Required for Development (Decision Within 120 Days)
Project Types
  • Any project for which a development permit is required in accord with the development code
  • Commercial and industrial development
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments
  • Multifamily Development
  • Other developments that require a Land Use Application and approval.
  • Partitions and lot line adjustments
  • Subdivisions (tentative and final)
  • Variances
  • Zone map amendments