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Not sure of what you can recycle locally, or who accepts recyclable materials? Select the tab for the category of the material you'd like to recycle and find out where it can be recycled.

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  4. Electronics
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Appliances & Scrap Metal

Cascade Metal Recycling

  • Aluminum, barbecues, brass, cars with and without titles, copper, dryers, metal fencing, hot water heaters, lawnmowers (riding and push) metal playground equipment, refrigerator compressors, stainless steel

Schnitzer Steel (White City)

  • Aluminum, bicycles, brass, cars with titles, copper, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators with compressors, stainless steel, steel, washers

Southern Oregon Sanitation

  • Kerby Transfer Station and Recycle Depot - Scrap metal is free, appliances for a fee

Republic Services

  • Recycle Depot - televisions, microwaves, computers for free
  • Merlin Transfer Station - televisions, microwaves, computers, as well as scrap metal for free
The Recycle Depot and the Merlin Transfer Station will not take appliances, even for a fee.

Community Recycle Center

  • Aluminum, brass, copper, aluminum storm windows, doors and screens
  1. Paint
  2. Paper
  3. Plastics
  4. Yard Waste
  • Glidden Paint (Grants Pass)
  • Sherwin Williams (Grants Pass)