Business Spotlight - Parakeet Studio

Parakeet Studio
Alexandria Lamont
1752 Redwood Avenue
Grants Pass, OR  97526

A few months ago, a new studio opened up in south Grants Pass offering art classes to anyone that would love to express their creative side or learn how to open up their creative mind.  Walk in the studio and you will likely want to join in on the fun.  

Parakeet Studio is a makerspace.  A makerspace is a location for people to share interests, knowledge, network, create and share ideas.  Think of it as using your neighbors supplies to create your project.  Supplies that might ordinarily be inaccessible or unaffordable are available so you can experiment.  

Alexandria Lamont has created her studio as a makerspace to allow her creativity to shine on others.  She believes in inspiring others to invent, create and let your imagination be free.  "We believe the notion that creativity enhances cognitive capability and leads to a more enjoyable and productive life".  

If you enjoy creating or even think you might like to try being creative, you should stop by the studio.  She has all the resources you could possibly need and the ability to teach you how to pull all those resources together.  She offers classes and educational opportunities to try new things or to try an idea you may have.  

Digital media is a very popular.  Why not try it out?  Alex can help you create a webpage, a blog or a vlog, or learn to create gorgeous art using Photoshop.  If you prefer to paint, she will be happy to turn you lose with her array of paint choices.  If clay is your thing , she is ready to fire up the kiln.  

There are unlimited mediums with which to create.  You are bound only by your imagination.  If you feel you lack imagination, there are many ways to get inspired.  Watch someone else create.  Feel the brushes, look out your window.  Alex suggests creating a mood board.  She can guide you with this as well.  Gathering an arrangement of materials that sparks your interest on a mood board can lead to imagination and creativity.  

Alex has a variety of workshops available to you.  You can try out anything you like.  She has a schedule of classes each month on her Facebook page.  Or, you can just come on by and chat with her.  She will greet you with a warm smile.  

Some upcoming classes are Digital Design Beginner Workshop and Transforming Normal Photos into Amazing Photos in Photoshop.  Her class fees are quite reasonable at only $45 per class.  Some classes are also free and if you want to stop by and try out a few things, you can do that for only $15.  These classes will save you the often huge start up costs for trying out something artistic.  

Live the Creative Life at Parakeet Studio!  Allow your inner artist to create.  

Visit the Parakeet Studio Facebook page

Alex says, "Instead of thinking outside of the box, get rid of the box".  

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