Business Spotlight - Cultured Palate

Cultured Palate
208 SW 6th Street
Grants Pass, OR  97526
Hours:  Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 9:00 pm
Owners and Operators - Jorge and Angela Padillia

The Cultured Palate is a wonderful new restaurant in downtown Grants Pass offering truly authentic Cuban tapas and wine.  The word Tapas is Spanish for small and savory dishes.  

I was very fortunate to meet owner Angela Padillia.  She is a delight. Not only does she have a flair for telling great stories but she is well-versed in the wine culture as well as the Cuban culture.  She is fun as she is sweet.  She and her husband, Jorge, opened this restaurant this past July.  With his culture and her passion for incredible Cuban food, this restaurant is sure to be a hit for our downtown.  

The atmosphere is very colorful and bright with the feel of Havana.  A painting of Celia Cruz, who was a powerful Latin singer, adorns one of the walls.  Above it the word Azucar.  The literal translation means sugar but to Angela it is to live life and to put some spice in it.  I think she is doing just that.  

Angela started off by making her special rum cakes for friends and family members.  Then came along the sauces and the marinades. They bottle these blends under the name of Latinality and sold them at the local Growers Market along with Cuban sandwiches and some other delights.   Fortunately, all the stars aligned and they were able to open up in this ideal location to bring us more of the Cuban culture and her fabulous dishes.

Her food is all organic and natural with savory spices and a Latin flair that is out of this world.  Tostones, Cubanitos, and Cubana are just a few of their specialties. They prepare their dishes with the finest of ingredients including a host of spices and those delectable sauces, some simmering for hours to be sure the flavors are just right.  Great care goes into everything Angela makes and serves.  This is her passion and she believes in fabulous flavors and textures with the character of the Cuban culinary culture.  Fabulous pork, beef, and chicken dishes.  Vegan and vegetarian too.  Be sure to save room for dessert.  In addition to the aforementioned rum cake there is also  cheesecake, parfaits and more.  Angela always a great base menu but her dishes rotate keeping opportunities fresh and new flavors flowing.  

If wine is your passion, there is a wonderful array of choices from many regions. The Rogue Valley is represented along with selections from Spain, Argentina and more. all hand-selected from vineyards based on Angela's expertise.  She knows her wine and she is pleased to help you select something you will greatly enjoy.  Mojito's are also a specialty.  

Angela would like to start teaching cooking classes as well.  This would be a great opportunity to not only learn more of Cuban Culture but to absorb her talents for making great food with ingredients that may be different than you are used too.

View more of the things they have to offer by visiting the Cultured Palate on Facebook or Latinality on their website or drop by their restaurant on 6th Street in beautiful downtown Grants Pass.