Business Spotlight - Vinyl Revolutions

Vinyl Revolutions
221 NW 5th Street
Grants Pass, OR  97526
Hours:  Tuesday - Friday 10-5, Saturday 9-5
Owner, Larry Hadsell

Larry Hadsell has been a music lover and collector for most of his life. He is more than just a record collector and seller.  He has been on this earth 77 years and knows a thing or two about music.  He has been selling records here in Grants Pass for about 8 years; two of which in his new location on 5th Street.  

His collection of vinyl is nearly busting out of their storage boxes.  A great deal of it is rock n' roll but you'll likely find treasures from the blues, jazz, soul, punk, funk and everything in between.  He estimates he has over 10,000 records on site.  Be sure to ask if you are seeking something specific as some of his treasures are tucked away.  A set of Jack Kerouac albums caught my attention.  Who knew you could find Jack Kerouac on vinyl?  He also has a fair amount of CDs, cassettes, laser discs, posters, and electronics such as stereo equipment, speakers, and turntables. If you are a collector, or if you just like to talk about music, you should visit Larry.  

Many of the nice folks that venture into Larry's store are looking for obscure items.  Perhaps they want a collectors item or maybe they just want something a little on the unusual side.  On a recent visit, there was a nice man looking for CDs.  He left with a few treasures and some of them were just a dollar.  

Vinyl is making a great comeback.  Record sales are way up.  Itunes, Spotify and Pandora typically dominate the music industry.  However, there seems to be a new spark in curiosity for vinyl.  There used to be a day when you could pop into a Tower Records and buy anything on vinyl.  Those days are gone.  Vinyl Revolutions is the next best thing.  

He caters mostly to the 33 LP which is what most of us are accustomed too.  But if you are interested in 45s, 78s or 10-inch, he has some of them all.  He has some great picture discs too.  

Larry bought 6,000 albums at an estate sale some years ago.  It's no wonder he can fill a building with music. Most of those made it to his shop.  Or, if you're into antique furniture, he has a really nice Tiger Oak Brunswick Victrola for sale.  It's really in great shape and plays beautiful music.  It would make a nice addition to your record collection.

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