Bulk Water

The City of Grants Pass offers a bulk water station and now has a new set up instead of using coin or the card system.  This system is operated by numbers, a user ID, and a unique PIN that only the operator will know.  For details setting up your account, download and print the Bulk Water Form then take it to the City Finance Office located at 101 NW A Street, Suite 103  The Finance Office will give you your ID number and PIN.  If you have questions with your account please call the Finance Office at 541-450-6035.
To add money to your bulk water account you can either come to the City of Grants Pass Finance Office at 101 NW A Street Suite 103 or you can go to: www.pay4water.com.  On the drop down menu you will select GPASS.  You will need the member # and pin that you were provided when you set up your account.  Minimum addition is $20.00 and amount is subject to 2.5% bank fee.  

The connection for water at the Bulk Water station is a 2 1/2" threaded fire hose connection.
If you should have any problems with the functioning of the Bulk Water Unit please call our Distribution Center 8AM-4PM M-F 541-450-6115.  If you have problems with the unit on off hours please call 541-218-5465.
Bulk Water Station
This is a view of the Bulk Water Station.  Once you are signed up all you will need to do is to put in your ID and PIN then put in the amount you want to spend.
****SPECIAL NOTE*** Please ignore "PLACE WATER CARD HERE" (This is not functioning at the moment).